May 2018

At THE UMA COLLECTIVE, we want to offer more than just courses. We're here to offer knowledge, guidance and inspiration that will shift your focus to wellness and wellbeing. 

This month, we're focusing on vulnerability and wanted to share a few of our favourite talks, films, books and yoga sequences to help you understand this beast (or puppy that just wants to be cared for) and create an UMA state of mind. 

Whether you're a workplace warrior or hippy in the city, all of us can do with a little more clarity and ease. Our newsletter each month offers a FREE guided video, either yoga or meditation, so why not join THE UMA COLLECTIVE now?

Does being vunerable scare you?

One of our favourite TED talks has to be the famous "Power of Vulnerability" by Brene Brown. She so eloquently voices the concerns many of us suffer from, and gives an explanation as to why it is ok, if not powerful, to be vulnerable.

In meditation, we can often feel like we're digging into some aspects of our lives that we would rather avoid. We start to feel certain more difficult emotions surface and it can feel a little.....scary, and definitely vulnerable! But the point of this is that we have to process emotions, we have to let them come up to eventually move them through. The more we block or busy them out, put on a brave face, march on, the more we're ignoring what needs to be resolved.

The famous quote goes "what we resist, persists", and I know for me, now matter how much Netflix or phone time I indulge in, that little niggle is still there. Then I'm caught in a traffic jam, phone ringing, running late and suddenly it's all too much! Emotions have to be listened to, then dealt with. Meditation helps us to see more clearly, and the source of our (sometimes over-reactive) emotions. Understand what we need to shine a light on until it is out. Working with ourselves in this way is powerful, we're allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to share that outwardly, and in the process, releasing stored emotions and making more truthful and real connections with others.

I'd pick that any day. 


Donating to the vulnerable

Yoga is all about union, which is why at THE UMA COLLECTIVE we give back 10% of all proceeds to charity. We've partnered with XXX



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