Group meditation & knowledge meetings

First Thursday of the month 6:30pm at Bondi



An Advanced Technique is designed to take one's awareness to that stratum, that layer of consciousness that comprises the interface between thinking and pure silent consciousness. This allows meditators to access “Ritam” the finest and most creative level of thinking more easily and more often. A good example of how an advanced technique supports our evolution is a car shifting from a lower gear to a higher gear to gain speed. We can get where we need to go in first gear, but it will take much longer than if we shifted to a higher gear.

Advanced techniques are for Vedic Meditators who have been meditating regularly for at least 1 year. The session is done privately for 2 hours with ceremony. Please contact Lis to express your interest.


The Art of Rounding

Rounding is a specially sequenced Vedic practice designed to take your meditation to the next level. The specific sequence of gentle yoga postures, pranayama breathing and meditation is a profound practice that eliminates deep layers of stress, this reveals new levels of subtlety and clarity. 

Rounding is considered to be one of the most purposeful ways to enhance our experience in meditation. It can be done anywhere once learned, and takes around 1 hr, inclusive of meditation.  This is also the advanced practice we do on our Rounding Retreats...Coming soon!

To learn Rounding it will take 90min and requires only comfortable warm clothes and a mat or blanket. Please contact Lis for more info.


The Veda is universal knowledge; it is the ancient record of spiritual experience that is the source of the arts and sciences of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation and Indian philosophy.  

Exploring the Veda is an advanced course that takes you deep into ancient Vedic knowledge, delivering practical techniques and pearls of wisdom relevant for living in today’s world.

Thom Knoles is recognised as one of the world’s foremost teachers of the Veda’s true meaning and application.  In a six-seminar course of 73 hours recorded over a two year period, Thom delves deeply into the Veda and draws out pearls of wisdom that are nothing short of life-changing.  

Students of Exploring the Veda learn techniques for deepening meditation, correcting the mistakes of the intellect, and to create life experiences that reveal true fulfilment.

Prerequisites: The prerequisite for Exploring the Veda is completion of at least one Weekend Retreat or Private Round Instruction.       

The complete Exploring the Veda program consists of six instalments.  Each instalment is conducted in a non-residential setting over a weekend in the following format:

Friday – 6:30pm to 9pm
  Saturday – 10am to 6pm
 Sunday – 10am to 6pm

Each of the seminars can be enjoyed individually, with no obligation to complete all six. However the course must be completed in sequential order as one seminar leads naturally into the next.

Dates 16th - 17th April 2016

Course Fee: $600 per instalment including all tuition, healthy vegetarian meals, sweets and teas.

If you would like to attend any of the instalments of Exploring the Veda or have any enquires, please contact Lis.