Onsite Yoga


The benefits of yoga go way beyond the physical, but as we all know, in a busy office job it can be hard to fit in movement. This is where yoga can bridge the gap between physical fitness and mental calm. All you need is a mat and a meeting room!

At The Uma Collective, we create a course of tailored six week yoga programmes based on your needs. Early morning, lunchtime or post work? We will be there to host a dynamic yoga class or slow mellow flow. There will be with ample time to relax and release from the day.


Yoga Package & Plan

  • 6 x 1 hour classes incorporating dynamic movement, release work, breath work and meditation.
  • Our teachers are highly skilled to teach safely with modifications and inspiration to uplift and calm.
  • All we need is a space to play! A meeting room, where desks can be shifted or outside at the local park.
  • 6 weeks of confirmed bookings.



  • Peace of mind
  • Clarity and calm
  • Higher focus and productivity
  • Physical strengthening and toning
  • Better breathing, more oxygen, happier organs!