These workshops will develop a resilient mindset, provide practical skills to enhance performance. 

  • Learn effective mindfulness techniques to reduce stress.

  • These sessions are influenced by Emotional Intelligence (EI) to develop team cohesion.

  • Each core theme is based on current scientific research to enhance performance and productivity.

  • The Grow program is engineered to be both educational and practical with slides and Q&A.

"Team Mindfulness! Absolutely loved the Grow sessions Lis, thank you again." Mia @ MTV.

"Team Mindfulness! Absolutely loved the Grow sessions Lis, thank you again." Mia @ MTV.

less stress for success

Success can be more then achieving ambitious goals ten years down the track. It can also be appreciated daily through the rituals you adopt to overcome obstacles, to feel your best and do your best. This progression requires resilience, the ability to recover from demands, changes and or failure. Chronic stress reverses this kind of resilience and growth. It clutters our mental ability to think long term, collaboratively or creatively. This inner friction can easily spread out into the workplace affecting moral. Learn how the ritual of mindfulness reduces stress, boosts your cognitive capacity to stay strong and on your game to grow and meet your goals with greater ease.


Creativity in flow

Creativity is not only for artists and to aesthetically please. Our ability to problem solve, to be open to change and the unfamiliar are at the heart of having ingenuity. These skills are especially important for our fast-paced, ever evolving technological age. Innovative thinking requires imagination, curiosity and keen senses. Mindfulness can fine tune and develop these qualities to create a state of mind for creativity to flow freely.


Calm is a superpower

"Keep calm and carry on." Sometimes easier said than done. Calmly monitoring your emotions is a life long talent that never get's old. To recognise your own emotions, to manage and adapt them based on the people and environment is the foundation for emotional intelligence. This kind of mindfulness can establish an inner super power of calm, allowing you to meet demands interactively rather than reactively. 


Purposeful Productivity

Start with why has been a growing trend that has revolutionised organisations. Clarity of purpose helps individuals to avoid "busy" small distractions and to wisely prioritise the big vision. Purpose is also at the core of motivating individuals to be at their best, to push boundaries and inspire others along the way. This mindfulness session will be about connecting to your mission to find your edge and enthusiasm.


Connect and communicate

It is human nature to desire and seek connection, to feel a sense of belonging. Our communication is the keystone to fulfilling this primal need. In the workplace the same rules apply, meaningful communication creates trust and influential relationships. This is the second part to developing emotional intelligence, consciously engaging with other peoples emotions through mindful listening and empathy. This kind of communication is at the core of high impact leadership.


Thrive instead of survive

Thrive is a mindset. An attitude of optimising your body & mind health to sustainably feel and be your best. This session will be an exploration of how to achieve this vital state from the perspective of mindfulness, gut health, movement, gratitude and rest. These wellness ingredients reverse the habit of stress and shift you into a mode of thriving daily.