Intro to MEDITATion

This course is designed for beginners with a busy, modern mind. 

We teach a super simple meditation technique to sooth and refresh your mind. This course will empower you with knowledge and skills to begin an effectively, daily practice that will reduce stress & enhance clarity.

meditating girl.jpg


Course Outline

  • Learn a simple meditation technique to settle the mind
  • Meditation history, defined & demystified 
  • The science and psychology of stress 
  • Manage thoughts aka monkey mind
  • Best practices, when, what & how
  • Learn balancing breath
  • Q&A



  • Self regulate, establish your calm on demand
  • Learn how to respond rather react
  • Reduce stress



  • 3 x 1hr sessions
  • Half day workshop

We offer this course in studio's, privately via Skype or at your workplace. For more details or to book simply contact us below. We welcome all questions!