We understand modern life can be fast, competitive and highly demanding. This constant pressure can stifle and stress out the best of us.

Mental health conditions come at a huge cost, not only to individuals and their loved ones but businesses as well. A recent report on Mental Health by PrincewaterhouseCoopers looked at the cost incurred when employers did not take action to manage mental health conditions in their workplace.

• Estimated cost to Australian business – $10.9 billion per year.

In contrast, there is now strong scientific evidence on workplace well-being fostering high productivity.

  • Employees are more creative, more loyal, more productive, and provide better customer satisfaction than individuals with poor well-being at work.

New Economics Foundation (NEF, 2015).

Barefoot Wellness was born to meet issues related to stress and performance. We have thoughtfully crafted fitness programs for the mind and body that utilise evidence-based techniques to reduce stress, optimise the brain for creativity & productivity. We offer 3 core programs

1. Calm - Meditation

    2. Engage - Yoga & Mindfulness

3. Grow - Mindfulness & Performance Workshops


We are experts in the field of wellness and would also be happy to chat about tailoring a workshop aligned to your organisations vision. Say hello here.


Leading organisations who are benefit from Barefoot Wellness:

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